Award-winning natural Korean chilli sauce.

A complex, rich and flavourful sauce with sundried gochugaru sourced directly from the grower in Kyungbuk Province, South Korea.

Bring instant, authentic Korean taste to everyday foods, including fish, vegetables and meat. Great as a dip, in stir fry, salads, and bowls like bibimbap.

“This is clever, well judged, well balanced stuff…[I]t would be a useful condiment in any store cupboard. It is very good” – Great Taste Awards 2020.

Vegan – All-natural – Ready-to-eat – Versatile


Allergens: Soybeans, wheat, sesame seed

Typical nutrition per 100g:

Energy: 1102kj / 265kcal

Fat: 17g

of which saturates: 2.5g

Carbohydrate: 21g

of which sugars: 18g

Protein: 3.0g

Salt: 4.3g


Vegan Kimchi

Hot fermented cabbage with vegetables.

Our vegan kimchi brings depth and character to this tangy classic. Our unique twelve-ingredient recipe includes kelp and sundried gochugaru sourced directly from the grower in Kyungbuk Province, Korea.

Enjoy as it is, or in stir fry, stews, soups, burgers, sandwiches, bowls, etc.

Gluten free – Live –¬† All-natural


Typical nutrition per 100g:

Energy: 153kj / 36kcal

Fat: 0.9g

of which saturates: 0.1g

Carbohydrates: 3.5g

of which sugars: 2.0g

Protein: 2.3g

Salt: 0.96g

Mama Halla Kimchi Vegan
Korean Barbecue Sauce



Sweet and savoury all-purpose sauce.

A rich and harmonious blend of classic Korean flavours. Our original take on this Korean kitchen staple retains the smokiness that is the hallmark of Korean barbecue sauce, whilst eliminating all artificial ingredients.

Add to marinades, stir fry, bowls, and sauces. Enjoy as a dip for Korean Fried Chicken and grilled foods.

All-natural – Vegan – Versatile

Allergens: Soybeans, wheat

Typical nutrition per 100g:

To be confirmed.

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